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Dear Residents of Cheras,

Thank you for your support. The objection letter was handed to the Dato Bandar of Kuala Lumpur at the DBKL seminar on Tuesday 27th March 2012. A copy was also handed to Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia officials present at the Seminar the same day.

We will present copies of this letter to our elected representative of Bandar Tun Razak, Member of Parliament & Menteri Besar of Selangor, YAB Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. This is scheduled for:

Date   : Saturday 7th April 2012
Time   : 9:00 AM
Venue : Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat,
             No. 41-1, Jalan Dwi Tasik 1,
             Dataran Dwi Tasik,
             Bandar Sri Permaisuri,
             56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


  1. The current proposed alignment is cutting through mature, densely populated areas with mixed residential, schools, hospital, religious & commercial entities. Since this is a new alignment, isn't it more sensible to avoid those populated areas instead of creating unease to all affected areas, during and post construction of the highway.

    The proposed alignment is too close for comfort to all the affected areas in terms of environmental impact - exhaust fumes, pollution, noise, vibration, green lungs preservation, water drainage and flood.

    Quoting the basis of the unexpected increase of traffic congestion along MRR2 from the forecast during the design stage, wouldn't it be sensible to solve the root causes to the congestion(lane widening, build exit ramps, traffic management, public transport) rather than create another potential repeat of SUKE. There may be SUKE2 or SUKE3 in the future !

    DUKE suffers the same fate due to poor study & design in traffic dispersal. Every highway is just passing the traffic congestion from one place to another, and quicker.

  2. I was given an article by a friend quoting the China Press last week. In English it goes thus:

    "SUKE has yet to be included in the State & National Development Blueprint.

    Politician Elizabeth Wong has pointed out that there will be a number of highways to be built within Selangor state but SUKE has yet to be included in the State and National Development Blueprint.

    Again, she claimed that even though the State Government has no objection over the MRT project to be carried out within Selangor territory, the Federal Government should have complete planning. Such infra planning should not by-pass housing areas and it must be included within State Government well-planned blueprint. The State Government is very concerned about this matter and she is very disappointed because most highway companies never follow the procedure."

  3. Aiya .... why Prolintas like that ? Disturbing pple only, Highway is highway n must not come to houses aka kediaman. Sangat Dosa awak tahu.

  4. 7th April 2012


  5. Pls fwd to ppl staying in Alam Damai, Damai Perdana, and those that use Jalan Alam Damai!

    Dear DamaiSouth Owner, or any Alam damai , Damai Perdana Owner,

    Urgent - For Your Action - to Protest on the PR1MA project in Alam Damai to DBKL - TOO HIGH DENSITY - deadline 11 Apr 2013!!!

    1. Fill up the form attached or download the form attached thru a dropbox link ( at the link below this email )
    2. And print out and hand deliver to DBKL at Jalan Raja Laut, by today or tmr or latest on 11 Apr 2013 ( Thu )
    3. DO this for the sake of our neighbourhood, If you not free, go pos office and use this next day delivery service to send the letter to DBKL
    4. But best is hand deliver and get them chop and confirm received.

    FYI, DBKL published a small notice in newspaper, anyone that wish to protest the stupid crazily PR1MA proj 4blocks of20stys+2blocks of42sty NEXT TO DAMAI SOUTH & in front of balai polis alam damai.

    The “Jalan Alam Ddamai” road & infra cannot support such density. Too few access road to this project. Currently already jam!!

    Deadline is11Apr,2moredays only!

    Pls make the effort to dig out your PT unit number ( for damai south owner), your address for other alam damai or damai perdana owner

    TakeActionImmediately,for the sake of our hse&neighbourhood.

    DBKL_notice Alam Damai South - PR1MA project - Surat Bantah Sample.docx

    (* ose = Orang Se-ekar )
    Apr 2013
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